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You can energize water with chrysoprase.Chrysoprase is a translucent variety of chalcedony colored in green (from blue-green to emerald green and apple green) of different intensity. Such coloring is caused by nickel compounds.

Healing Properties
It is traditionally believed that chrysoprase improves eyesight due to its green coloring. It is helpful in curing eye diseases. Looking at the gemstone will release you from smarting in your eyes.

Chrysoprase makes one calm. The stone helps cope with stress and its consequences, eases depression and fixes sexual disbalance.

The mineral is beneficial for the brain activity and the internal secretion glands functioning. It lowers blood pressure and purifies blood. It also boosts one’s metabolism, reduces the pain on rheumatism, and tones one’s skin.

Yoga masters believe that chrysoprase normalizes the heart function. For the prevention and treatment of heart diseases, you should put a heated piece of the gem onto the heart chakra for 30-40 minutes. It is recommended to enhance its beneficial effect combining the gem with pink quartz.

Like many other green minerals, chrysoprase eases weather sensitivity during magnetic storms. The basic way of using the stone is wearing jewelry with the gemstone.

Chrysoprase is beneficial for the brain activity.You can energize water with chrysoprase. To do this you should put a piece of it in a vessel with water and keep it in the sunlight for 4-5 hours. The water can be used as a remedy for noncontagious colds.

Magical Properties

In medieval Europe, chrysoprase was considered a symbol of success, luck and friendship. It was believed that the stone drove nightmares away and brought money. The mineral was used as an amulet to protect one from negative energy and danger, and attract good people into one’s life.

In the East, it is believed that chrysoprase quickly becomes dark if owned by liars, while honest people are warned about imminent danger if the stone is clouded.
Indian magicians thought that chrysoprase could protect from envy, slander, evil eye and hoodoo.

Due to its green color, the gemstone improves one’s mood, gives one tranquility and common sense, endurance and courage. Chrysoprase is regarded as a stone of inventors and innovators. It favors new business affairs of any kind. It is the best amulet for business-minded people who deal with large sums of money.

Effect on the chakras: Chrysoprase affects Anahata.
Energy: Projective Yang (releases and activates energy)
Signs of the zodiac: Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius
Elements: Air, Earth
Planet: Saturn




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