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Celestine is sometimes used for meditation sessionsThe name of this mineral derives from the Latin word ‘caelestis’, which literally means ‘heavenly’. The stone got this name due to its gorgeous blue color. Celestine is classified as a sulfate; it usually contains calcium and barium impurities.

The common coloring of the mineral is blue or grayish-blue including various hues, red and yellow being the most common ones. The diaphaneity of celestine varies from transparent to translucent.

Celestine is very fragile, so you should be careful when using it. The main deposits of celestine are associated with limestone, dolomite, and gypsum banks. They are located in the Urals and Volga region (Russia), as well as in Germany, the UK, the USA, Italy and other countries.

This stone often comes into use as a raw material for the production of strontium compounds. They are utilized in the sugar and pharmaceutical industry, and pyrotechnics. In metallurgy, these compounds are engaged in certain types of alloy building.

Healing Properties of Celestine

Healing properties of celestine are poorly studied, that is why the mineral is rarely used in folk medicine. Meanwhile, there are only a few assumptions of experts on this topic.

celestine is helpful for those who set clear goals in their lifeSome healers attribute the stone with the properties distinctive for nearly all blue crystals. In other words, there is a belief that celestine normalizes heart function and blood pressure, cures hypertension and hypotension. The mineral decreases appetite, treats chronic stomachaches, and eases rheumatic pains. Celestine is also used in the treatment of eye diseases, including disorders of visual acuity.

You should remember that long-term usage of celestine is likely to cause morbid fears, which can result in mental alienation.

Magical Properties of Celestine

There is an opinion that the magical properties of celestine contribute to the development of eloquence and general declamatory skills. The mineral eliminates the stage fright.

Celestine surrounds its owner with the atmosphere of trust, joy and amiability. The stone is sometimes used for meditation sessions. Some sorcerers believe that celestine can awaken one’s most hidden talents. Celestine makes men self-confident, and endows the gentle sex with appeal.

Astrologers still have not explicitly identified the zodiac signs this mineral favors. As a talisman, celestine is helpful for those who set clear goals in their life and would do their best to achieve them.

Even the smallest piece of raw celestine can serve as a talisman. The stone will help its owner gain confidence.

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