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The magical properties of cassiterite are completely under its owner's conrol.The name of this stone has an ancient Greek origin. The word ‘cassiterite? derives from the word that means ‘tin’. There are also other names of the stone and its varieties, like tin stone, tin ore, alluvial tin, lode tin and tin wood.

Cassiterite is classified as a tin oxide mineral. The stone most commonly has black, brownish black, brown, yellow-brown, orange or red coloring. However, colorless specimens also occur in the nature. Cassiterite is characterized with a typical dull lustre which gets adamantine on the planes.

The main producers of this mineral are the countries leading in the tin market. They are Malaysia, Indonesia, Bolivia, China and Thailand. Smaller deposits of this mineral were discovered in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Russia and Nigeria.

Healing Properties of Cassiterite

The healing properties of cassiterite are mostly the same as the healing properties of tin. The mineral has a great impact on one’s emotional state. It is able to subdue bursts of anger and sudden impatience. The stone can elevate your mood, enhance your stamina and make you stronger.

You should wear cassiterite as a ring on your right-hand ring finger to activate these properties. Worn as a bracelet cassiterite will have a beneficial effect on the blood pressure. It will stabilize it when necessary, preventing from a precocious blood stroke.

According to the traditional practices of European healers, cassiterite can affect the functioning of the genitourinary system. Thus, if you wear it regularly on the waist area at least several hours a day for a month, the stone will improve kidney function and prevent from the kidney stone formation.

Magical Properties of Cassiterite

Worn as a bracelet cassiterite will have a beneficial effect on the blood pressure.The magical properties of cassiterite are completely under its owner’s conrol. The stone will fulfill any of your desires, even if they are indecent. Moreover, if the owner of cassiterite is playing foul, the mineral will help them avoid being revealed. However, fraudsters and swindlers shouldn’t use it constantly. The stone fully adopts the intentions of its master. If a crook decides to become a better person and earn an honest livelihood, cassiterite will get in the way.

Cassiterite isn’t attributed with strong magical properties. Its owner can’t influence other people’s lives by using it. The mineral will bring luck and other people’s liking to common upright people. Cassiterite endows its owner with charm that will help them make reliable close friends and set up a strong marriage.

Astrologers recommend wearing cassiterite to Aries, Leos and Sagittarius as it will give them a creative impulse. The mineral will make Cancers, Scorpios and Pisces successful in their welfare activities.




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