Carolina Queen Emerald: The Famous Gemstone

The Carolina Queen Emerald was cut from the emerald crystal weighing 71 caratsOne of the most famous emeralds in the world is a marvelous emerald which was named Carolina Queen Emerald.

The faceted Carolina Queen Emerald is of pear shape and rich dark green color. Its weight is 18.88 carats. The quality and the purity of the gem equals to that of the best emeralds in the world (besides, Zambian and Colombian emeralds are widely regarded as such). Also, Carolina Queen is the largest emerald among all those found in North America.

The Carolina Queen Emerald was cut from the emerald crystal weighing 71 carats. The latter was found by James K. Hill in the emerald mines of North Carolina in 1998 near the town Hiddenite, which was named after the famous mineralogist W.E. Hidden (this is the town where a rare mineral later named hiddenite was first found). Hill decided to create a series of emeralds with royal names, the so-called Royal Collection of Emeralds. As planned by the mineralogist, the crystal was cut into Carolina Queen Emerald and Carolina Prince which weighs 7.85 carats. The Royal Collection of Emeralds also includes Empress Caroline weighing 8.58 carats and Carolina Princess weighing 3.37 carats.

Allan Koo from New York, one of the best gem cutters, was involved in cutting the Carolina Queen and Carolina Prince. A well-known gem appraiser C. R. Beasley priced the faceted Carolina Queen Emerald at $1,000,000. More recent appraisings of the emerald increased the sum twice, so now the cost of the Carolina Queen Emerald totals at about $2,000,000. The emerald may really be worth the mentioned sum keeping in mind the purity, the color and the quality of this gem. Large emerald crystals of dark green color without any impurities or defects are very hard to find throughout the world.