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Carnelian as a Talisman, Amulet and Therapeutic Agent

Carnelian can be used as a talisman, amulet and therapeutic and prophylactic agent. It has, in the opinion of numerous ancient and modern authors, exceptionally wide range of useful features and properties. Here we list the most common ones:

carnelian– Primarily, carnelian is a traditional love talisman, it attracts of the opposite sex. It contributes to the emergence of love in the person wearing it, and at the same time it protects against the imposed love spells, keeps safe from infidelity, guards the wearer from the libertinage and unrestraint passions. To those born in August carnelian designates family happiness and long life. It is the stone of truth, love and faith.

– Carnelian has pronounced calming and soothing effect, (when it is being contemplated); it prevents quarrels and disputes, improves mood, promotes success in business (including financial); it eliminates the bouts of melancholy, jealousy, strengthens courage in difficult situations; it offers protection against lies and hatred.

– Carnelian enhances memory, promotes eloquence and enhances preperception and acumen in the person wearing it;

– This stone promotes justice and establishment of the truth, helps early lawsuit solution, prevents red tape in the cases;

– Carnelian amulet guards from accidents and natural disasters, premature death, gives protection from the lightning strikes, removes evil spirits, illness, neuroses, protects against witchcraft, envy, dispels apprehensions.

Carnelian activates the energy of fire, strengthens the powers, promotes creativity. It helps to reveal the information about the past lives, facilitates abundance and fertility; cleanses the body, promotes concentration.




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