carminite brings good luck to its ownerCarminite got its name because of its carmine red color. There are specimens of dark red and maroon color. The crystals are translucent. Their luster is vitreous. The gem’s hardness is 3.5, and its density makes up 4.1-5.22 g/cm3. The main deposits of the mineral are located in Germany, England, Mexico, Western Australia, and the USA.

Healing Properties

Folk healers attribute this mineral with the healing properties specific for other red gemstones. For example, carminite may activate the endocrine glands functioning, as well as the metabolism. There is a belief that by looking at the mineral daily for a few minutes, you can improve your memory and eyesight, and become vigorous and full of energy. You should remember that the stone can’t be used excessively, because its long-term effect can cause eye diseases, for instance, conjunctivitis.

carminite may activate the endocrine glands functioning, as well as the metabolismMagical Properties

In magical practice, carminite is often used as an amulet protecting its owner from evil spirits, black magic and unfaithful love. It is believed that the stone contributes to the sharpness of men’s wit. It helps men develop eloquence and gives them courage. At the same time, carmine makes women more ladylike. The gem makes them more attractive and helps them find happiness in their family.

As a talisman, carminite brings good luck to its owner. The mineral evokes the sense of beauty and creates the aura of interest around them. The stone is an amulet for politicians and people involved in social activism. The amulet made of this mineral can make one cheerful, and calm them down. It also protects from debauchery and frailty.