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Cacholong has a beneficial effect on the nervous system.The name of this stone has a Kalmuk origin. It derives from a combination of the words ‘kahe? (which is translated as ‘a river’) and ‘halong? (meaning ‘a stone’). Kalmuk agate is another name for the mineral. Sometimes plain folk also calls it ‘milk of sacred cows turned into stone’.

Actually, cacholong is not an individual stone but a variety of opal. It has a greenish, blue-greenish, swamp-green or gree-brownish coloring. However, milk-white specimens with specks of other tints are the most common. It is an opaque stone; it is characterized with vitreous, pearly lustre.

Kazakhstan, Central Asia, Russia, Armenia, and Iceland are leaders of cacholong production.

Healing Properties of Cacholong

Since antiquity, the healing properties of cacholong were used to cure gynecopathies. It was believed that this mineral is able to make pregnancy less painful. If a woman carries around any work of this stone in her pocket, it will be easier for her to get through morning toxicosis during the first trimester. In the last months of pregnancy, it is recommended to carry cacholong in a pocket on the stomach. This will make the delivery easy and eliminate the probability of having to perform c-section.

Milky cacholong is associated with a special curative effect. The stone has a beneficial effect on the nervous system. It will calm you down after a long working day and contribute to your relaxation. Cacholong also has a cleaning effect. It will detoxify your body and remove all the harmful substances. The mineral is helpful in the treatment of gastrointestinal diseases. In Central Asia, it was attributed with an ability to reduce ocular pressure.

Magical Properties Of Cacholong

Cacholong is able to make pregnancy less painfulThe ancient Egyptians believed that cacholong was created in honor of Apis. He was the god who supervised the natural forces of the Earth, took care of the crops and soil fertility therefore providing welfare and health to the people.

Astrologers assume that the magical properties of cacholong become most apparent in possession of mothers as well as men who affect other people’s lives by occupational status, especially lawyers, doctors, teachers or politicians. In addition, the mineral keeps its owner from acting nastily and disgracefully. It endows one with a sense of justice and responsibility for the lives of people under their mercy.

Hot-tempered people born under the fire signs should not wear cacholong as it always enhances its owner’s both positive and negative traits. Astrologers recommend Libras to wear this mineral. It is able to bring them good luck and improve their financial situation. If a Pisces woman uses cacholong, it can bestow the gift of charlatanry upon her .

According to astrologers, pregnant women and breastfeeding mothers should use cacholong as a talisman. It will also be useful for teachers, doctors, lawyers, politicians and police officers.




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