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Black Opal and its Magical Properties

black opalThanks to flourishing superstition, this gem was believed for a long time to cause the misfortune to anyone who wore it. To the ancients, it was a symbol of loyalty and guarantees, was associated with religious sentiments and effusions.

Despite the name, the stone, in addition to black, maybe dark purple, blue, green, burgundy with splashes of red. The name of the mineral comes from the Sanskrit word upala – a jewel.

Black Opal Magical Properties

black opalOpal has a very strong energy. In many countries it is used as an amulet against black magic. The mineral promotes the creative growth in the talented people. It is believed that the stone brings happiness, banishes fears, opens the gift of clairvoyance and helps predict the future.

Indian sages believed that opals help children grow, stimulate mental activity, promote good relations between people.

In Europe, the stone is a symbol of the good relationships of trust, happiness, hope and love. In the East, on the contrary, opal is a stone of false hopes and illusions, empty consciousness, extinguishing all the anticipations and aspirations. In some cases, opal helps to cope with the lowly desires, and sometimes it promotes the emergance of forbidden desires. White opal helps to live in harmony with the environment.

Magical properties of minerals have long been known. Sorcerers and magicians all over the world use it in many rituals and religious activities.






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