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Benitoite has the Color of the Sky and the Energy of Cosmos

This mineral was named after San Benito County in California. Benitoite was initially thought to be sapphire as the similarity of these two is really great. Benitoite is a very rare gemstone. Its color varies from sky blue to deep blue. Blue-red or colorless specimens are seldom found.Benitoite


The prospector James Couch was the first to discover benitoite in the upper reaches of the San Benito River (California, USA) in 1906. The mineral discovered was initially assumed to belong to sapphires, but later on, George Louderbak, a mineralogist, examined the discovery using X-rays and concluded that benitoite is a unique gem, different from sapphire by its composition. The conclusion allowed considering benitoite an independent mineral.


The most important and the largest field of benitoite is in California. Stones of jewelry quality can only be found within the territory of the state. There are small fields in Texas and Belgium.

Mystical Properties

Benitoite makes its owner successful in many activities. A benitoite talisman endows one with charm, purpose, encourages the discovery of creative abilities, gives inspiration and strengthens self-confidence.

Giving its owner good luck and success, benitoite claims a payment, which is unlimited attention, respect and admiration. You need to take care of the gemstone and clean it of negative energy from time to time. You need to rinse benitoite with cold water and wipe it with a woolen cloth. You have to repeat this procedure at least twice a week. You should not wear benitoite together with other gemstones, as it doesn’t tolerate competition and can avenge cruelly.

441529_originalA benitoite amulet can help not only in career achievements. Benitoite also affects its owner’s private life positively. A piece of jewelry with benitoite will certainly help you find your soul mate among many people. A talisman of benitoite excites faded passion, and makes love reborn with renewed vigour in established married couples. Benitoite has tremendous magical and healing power. The gem is able to help one succeed in the main spheres of their life, which are love, career, and creative activities. It is worth remembering that no matter how strong the influence of the gemstone, a lot depends on human efforts.


Astrologers allow all zodiac signs to wear this gem but for the Fire ones (Aries, Sagittarius and Leos), as benitoite will increase their vanity and pride that are already strong in them.

Healing Properties

Benitoite has the color of the sky. It is believed that the gem stores the energy of cosmos and shares it with the owner generously. Due to this property, the gemstone is very good to wear after a long illness, exercise stress, and injuries. Benitoite affects the nervous system. It restores the immune system and improves digestion.

If one wears a benitoite amulet constantly their quick temper, susceptibility to mood swings and irritability will leave them forever. Lithotherapists use benitoite in the treatment of thyroid, stomach and intestines diseases.


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