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baryte favors mainly those who can waitHealing Properties of Baryte

Actually, baryte does not have any healing properties. Viewing the stone as a healer, its main feature is to comfort a person, thus giving one a mental strength to fight a disease.

In medicine, a diagnostic radiographic examination of the digestive tract includes the patient swallowing a so-called ‘barium meal’. Due to a property of the pigment, it helps highlight hotbeds of a disease.

Magical Properties of Baryte

Back in antiquity, Native Americans used baryte in their religious rites. They believed that this stone helped communicate with the spirits of their dead ancestors. Baryte is attributed with an ability to develop one’s intuition, patience, and endurance. The mineral makes its owner peaceful and confident, and protects from all the negative energy.

baryte can be considered a private counselorUsing baryte as an amulet, you do not need to wear it on your chest as a pendant. It is recommended to carry the stone in the right pocket, and touch it once in a while if you feel nervous. You should also massage your temples and forehead with it when you make important decisions.

It is believed that baryte favors mainly those who can wait. It is a great talisman for people involved in such kind of occupation that gives remote results. They can be either businessmen or scientists. Thus, baryte can be considered a private counselor.

Baryte helps people born under the fire zodiac signs (Aries, Leo and Sagittarius) fight their flaws, such as quick temper, laziness, and cowardice. It will give them confidence and hope for the best. Then, the stone enhances all the positive character traits of Capricorns. At the same time, baryte does not affect the other signs of the zodiac.




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