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Axinite Healing properties of axinite

Properties of axinite most often used in the treatment of female diseases. Worn on the chest as a brooch it safeguards its owner from mastitis. According to a popular belief, the stone increases lactation, so it is advisable to wear for nursing mothers.

If you wear axinite in the earrings, it will help soothe headaches, relax the nerves, and normalize psyche. A ring with this stone worn on the left hand finger cures infertility and can neutralize frigidity. It balances sexual energy, improves erection and increases fertility.

Axinite Magical properties of axinite

In ancient times axinite was used in the rite of initiation of young girls into the priestess of the Moon. Girls could serve one of three Goddesses of their choice: Artemis (the goddess of the the Moon in increment), Hecate (the goddess of the dark Moon in decrement), or Selene (the goddess of the full Moon). Depending on this choice the color of the stone was chosen.

Maidens of Artemis wore pendants with pearl-gray axinite on their chests; maidens of Hecate, the dark goddess – dark purple; maidens of Selena – honey-yellow. Ancient people believed that this stone connects the girl and the goddess with invisible ties. Through axinite the girl received advice and warnings from her mistress.

Axinite In Tasmania, people believe that axinite is made of the Moon tears. Therefore aborigines throw them in ponds to dry those tears. The newly-weds and birthing mothers should always have axinite jewelry with them as “the tears of the Moon” keep their owner from rash acts.

According to beliefs of the Chinese, the magical properties of axinite attract Yin energy. The stone is a kind of battery of that energy. With stones or different works from axinite feng shui experts can neutralize militant Yang energy, which, according the Chinese, should rise peace and harmony in the house.

Those born under the signs of fire, namely the Aries, Leos, Sagittarius should not wear axinite jewelry.




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