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AstrophylliteAstrophyllite a mineral of the’brittle micas group containing a large amount of impurities of titanic acid as well as sodium, barium, niobium, manganese, calcium and aluminum.

The colors of the stone vary from golden brown to bronze-yellow. Externally astrophyllite looks like an elongated diamond-shaped thin-platy crystals. The pleochroism of the mineral is clearly pronounced. Astrophyllite is one of the few star-like minerals. This is evident in its unusual optical effects: all chrystals have star shape (the number of rays varies from three to twelve). Lustre in the sun is amber resin.

Unfortunately, astrophyllite is produced only in three places in the world: in Greenland, Norway and the Kola Peninsula. The main regions of occurrence the places of eleolite syenite occurence. Astrophyllite is mined with concomitant zircon and aegirine.

AstrophylliteAstrophyllite is used mainly as a gemstone mineral. The stone looks very elegant on a white background that highlights the wealth and luxury of its radiant color and amazing shape. It is most commonly used for interior decoration and decoration accessories, stained glass, mosaics, murals and other things.

AstrophylliteHealing Properties

To date, the therapeutic properties of astrophyllite are insufficiently investigated. It is known that this mineral is a great assistant for diseases associated with metabolism, gastrointestinal tract and the activity of digestive system.

Astrophyllite? Magical Properties

The magical properties of astrophyllite are also studied quite poorly. A talisman of this stone will help a person not to lose good spirits and the clarity of mind. It will help you maintain a happy, joyful mood.

Wearing a work with astrophyllite, one will never part with cheerfulness, optimism and confidence in their abilities.




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