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Anglesite2Anglesite ‘is often colorless or white. There are also separate stones with a blackish tint.

Anglesite forms orthorhombic crystals, which may be gray, or yellowish due to impurities; however, this mineral rarely occurs in the form of discrete crystals, it often forms dense granular masses. Its damond-shaped crystals have pointed shape.

The stone shines with dull luster like a diamond. The deposits of this mineral have been found in Germany, Hungary, Scotland, on the island of Anglesey; areas in Sardinia, Siberia and Feniksville (Pennsylvania) are particularly rich in this mineral.

Anglesite Healing Properties

Lithotherapists believe that anglesite relieves tension and normalizes sleep. To get rid of insomnia one should warm this stone in their hands for five minutes, ask it to bring deep and healthy sleep before they go to bed.

AnglesiteAnglesite Magical Properties

The magical properties of anglesite help its owner find balance and serenity; in magical practice it is used for meditation and other practices, based on diving into oneself. It is believed that the stone can help discover inner kindness, purity, fidelity, and will help strengthen and develop these qualities.

Married couples are advised to have a crystal of anglesite over their bed, as this will help maintain faithfulness to both spouses. The mineral can give women charm and appeal. This stone will bring men courage and help cope with excessive aggression, will keep its owner from fights, quarrels and other brawls in which force is applied.

As a mascot, anglesite is recommended to wear for those who devoted their life to charitable activities. The mineral also protects social workers, doctors and healers. You don’t not need a large piece of anglesite for a mascot, a small piece of raw mineral is enough.

A talisman grants its owner with qualities such as kindness and compassion. It provides strength and energy, creates a pleasant and friendly atmosphere around the person.




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