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np2ffZr7khkAngelite is a variety of anhydrous calcium sulfate. It has purple or bluish tinge. The name is linked to its delicate coloring. You can find such a poetic name of this mineral as the angel’s stone.

Most often, angelite has white, bluish, purple, grayish or reddish colors. The stone is translucent and gleams with glass shine.

Angelite is a very soft mineral, so its surface can quickly show various scratches and indents. At prolonged exposure to water it can become plaster, so it’s kept away from moisture. Always remove angelite jewelry while visiting pools or saunas.

Rich deposits of angelite are located in Germany, Peru, United States, Switzerland and other countries.

Angelite Healing Properties

Related people with pieces of this stone have stronger connection and can feel the mood/condition of each other at a distance. It has a toning and beneficial effect on the immune system.

The stone helps detect a disease in its early stages. A man would feel sharp pain and will be forced to see a doctor, who would diagnose at an early stage. Immediately after the beginning of medication intolerable pain goes away, the mineral begins to “cooperate” with the medication taken and accelerates the healing process.

AngeliteAngelite Magical Properties

Since ancient times, angelite is believed to be a stone of mental balance and inner peace. It helps find oneself and focus at the right moment. Astrologers believe that angelite serves as a connection between the person and its guardian angel. Some believe that the magical properties of angelite are able to increase the power of prayer and help develop strong spiritual connection with the higher heavenly forces.

As a mascot, when always carried along, angelite protects against the negative influence of evil spirits. The owner of angelite should neither commit nor even think of evil actions, as the mineral is able to strengthen the “control” of the good forces. Otherwise, the higher powers may become angry that they are forced to protect a bad man, and punish the offender severely enough.

The stone will suit Pisces and Virgos best. As a talisman angelite especially likes to help the newborn babies because they are not yet capable of any bad thoughts nor evil deeds.




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