Analcime is a talisman of people involved in commercial activitiesThe name of the mineral comes from the Greek word ‘powerless’. According to one version, analcime got its name because of its weak electrical properties produced by friction. Similar minerals are leucite and sodalite. The sone can be colorless or colored in gray, white with a yellowish tint, or red. The crystals are transparent. The luster is vitreous. Analcime has the hardness of 5.0-5.5 and the density of 2.2-2.3 g/cm3. The main deposits of the mineral are located in the Caucasus, Italy, and the Czech Middle Mountains.

Healing Properties

In folk medicine, analcime is used quite rarely, since its healing properties are not studied properly yet. There is a belief that this mineral can have a beneficial effect on one’s nervous system. It normalizes sleep and relieves from insomnia and nightmares. Some lithotherapists attribute analcime with the property of making weather dependent people feel better during magnetic storms. The stone eases their headaches, improves mood and increases efficiency.

analcime normalizes sleep and relieves from insomnia and nightmaresMagical Properties

It is assumed that analcime can attract good luck, wealth and success. In some European countries, practicing magicians use this mineral for meditation. Colorless analcime is a powerful amulet that protects its owner from negative energy of envious people, evil spirits and black magic.

Experts on the magical properties of minerals cannot say precisely which sign of the zodiac analcime favors.

Analcime is a talisman of people involved in commercial activities. This talisman attracts good luck and the so-called merchant’s fortune. The stone also holds its owner from making rush and wrong decisions.

As an amulet, small pieces of the raw mineral are used since it is difficult to make any work of it due to its fragility.