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almandine is still considered a symbol of fidelityThe name of almandine is derived from the name of the region Alabanda in the Asia Minor. Other names of the stone and its varieties include Adelaide ruby, Alabandine ruby, carbuncle, Ceylon garnet, Oriental garnet, and anthrax. Almandine is a ferrous aluminum garnet. The mineral’s colouring is manifold, from violet-red, cherry red, and auburn to orange and black. Its lustre is vitreous. The stone’s hardness is 7.5, and the density is 4,3 g/cm3. The main deposits are located in Sri Lanka, India, Brazil, the USA, Canada, Austria, Japan, Madagascar, Tanzania, Zambia, Eastern Siberia, and Finland.

Healing Properties

In Indian medicine, almandine is considered to be a stone which restores disturbed metabolism. It is also thought to cure frigidity and impotence and fuel the sexual drive.

Lithotherapists state that almandine promotes the wounds healing (including trophic ulcers, eczema and allergic rashes). The mineral is also helpful in curing cardiovascular diseases and boosts immunity.

Magical Properties

In ancient times, it was believed that if you take a work of almandine with you on a trip, it would help avoid various troubles (from diseases to violence). People believed that the stone facilitated childbirth, gave its owner vitality and stamina. In Europe, almandine is still considered a symbol of fidelity, self-consistency and devotion. In the East, it is believed that almandine drives fear and sadness away and calms down te bad temper of its owner. Many nations consider this mineral to be a stone of joy, entertainment and carelessness. Astrologers warn that the constant wearing of the almandine jewelry can make its owner light-headed, jaunty, gullible and infantile. Therefore, it is recommended to wear it only on special occasions, such as a long trip, a ball, a carnival or a masquerade. If you are up to something serious, you should put the stone away. It is better to lock it in a box or put it in a box with a lid. Otherwise, the mineral will not allow you to concentrate and make the right decision. It will be trying to set you in a playful mood.

almandine promotes the wounds healingThe gem is perfect for serious, sensible Capricorns. It endows them with charm and sociability. People born under the signs of Cancer and Taurus can wear almandine as well. Scorpions are not influenced by the stone. Yet only this sign of the zodiac can use it in fortunetelling and sorcery. Gemini and Pisces must not wear this stone by any means. The rest of the signs of the zodiac can use the power of almandine, provided that they wear the work of it only on holidays.

As a talisman, almandine helps its owner take the rough with the smooth and get over mishaps, separation, material losses and physical illnesses easier. Elderly people, businessmen, and people whose work involves extensive trips should wear an amulet of this stone.




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