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AdulariaHealing Properties of Adularia

According to popular belief, adularia is closely associated with the water element. Therefore, adularia is considered the best body cleanser. It helps its owner cure all negative inflammation as it actively softens tumors. Adularia even has a beneficial effect on malignant tumors.

The second healing property of adularia is its curative effect on the nervous system. The stone releases its owner from nervous disorders and mental illnesses.

You should wear this mineral rimless or set solely in silver to experience the healing properties of the stone.

Adularia Magical Properties of Adularia

Adularia is considered to be a talisman of love. It soothes one’s broken heart after love setbacks. The stone endows its owner with poetic talent and the ability to express their thoughts clearly and exquisitely. This stone provides its owner with the gift of understanding nature and people and helps find their way into people’s hearts.

Adularia grants lovers mutual understanding at a glance and even without a word. This gorgeous mineral always reacts to alienation of affections; it becomes dull or changes its color.

The stone shines the brightest during the full moon. It is a powerful talisman for bad-tempered and unbalanced people. Adularia keeps them from excessive energy wasting.

Raw Adularia Adularia protects one from energy vampires and other people who are likely to make harm. It’s like the stone clears some space around its owner making it safe from their negative impact. You should talk to the stone and ask it for help to enhance its magical properties.

Rude and stubborn people should not wear the mineral. It is almost useless for them as it does not like to deal with these traits and aims to cooperate only with those who want to fix something in their life. Adularia is able to make a person more attractive to other people, endows its owner with unique charm and exquisiteness, and helps communicate with other people.




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