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Adamite? Healing Properties of Adamite

Healing properties of adamite are quite diverse. According to popular belief, it will help its owner in the treatment of acne vulgaris, allergic rash, and neurodermatitis. Adamite also promotes detoxifying the body and speeds up metabolism. Another significant fact is that adamite can help people with problems of fecal and urine passage.

The healing properties of this kind are more evident if the mineral is set in silver. Those who wish to strengthen their cardiovascular system or improve blood circulation are recommended to wear adamite set in gold.

adamitMagical Properties of Adamite

The Native Americans were familiar with the magical properties of adamite. They practiced using it to travel to other worlds. During the ceremony, powwows usually made a fire and then threw some special herbs in it. They breathed in the smoke from the ceremonial fire keeping an adamite ball in the mouth.

They believed that they could get both in the past and in the future in such way. The stone protected from danger and helped come back during the astral travels. Also the Native Americans always put adamite necklaces on those they were going to sacrifice so that they could find their sepulchral home.

1357644199_adamit1Adamite is great for the people of the fire signs. The stone will cool down their hot temper and help Aries, Leos, and Sagittarius keep a low profile when necessary; it will enhance their logic and gumption. On the contrary, adamite will provide the earth signs with easiness, dreaminess and romance much-needed for pragmatic Capricorns, Taurus and Virgos.

However, not all the zodiac signs should wear adamite. Those born under the signs of water or air, i.e. Cancers, Scorpio, Pisces, Libra, Aquarius and Gemini, should not wear it as the stone may make them too absent-minded, mystical and fearful.

Adamite is often worn as a talisman. It is believed that it will always help make the right choice; it can calm one down and promote their confidence. This stone can be used as an oracle. If a person is worried about his future, adamite will answer its owner’s questions. You should work with adamite as with agate to use it in such way.




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