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Actinolite Properties

Actinolite PropertiesHealing Actinolite Properties

Healing properties of actinolite have been known to people since antiquity. This stone is actively used in folk medicine. It is used in the treatment of various hair and skin diseases. If one wears some jewelry made of the mineral on their both hands, it will help get rid of lichen, dermatophyte and eczema.

You should wear the stone set in silver on the right middle finger to treat skin peeling. If one suffers from hair loss or dandruff, wearing earrings with actinolite set in silver will promote the healing properties of the stone.

Magical Actinolite Properties

Actinolite PropertiesThe Chinese believe that actinolite reads off its owner’s destiny. It can even have some influence on him and put some destined events right. On this account Chinese people consider picking this stone in the street a bad thing, as someone could have lost it. That’s why they are afraid that the former owner’s fate can magically pass to the one who found it.

African shamans believe that the magical properties of actinolite help detect lies. They commonly use the stones with the effect of cat’s eye as lie detectors. If the stone begins twinkling while a person keeps it in his hands, it means that he tells the truth. If the stone reacts to the touch in a different way, the shamans could easily accuse a person of lying.

In antiquity Ural residents believed that whoever finds the crystal of the stone will certainly become either famous or rich in the nearest future. The stone could make one’s heart’s desire come true.

Actinolite PropertiesThe stone is universal; therefore people who are born under any sign of the zodiac can wear the jewelry pieces with it. But actinolite can only belong to one person, because it conceives his destiny and becomes a single entity with him. Consequently, you should never present the stone or pass it to anybody in any other way. Astrologers believe that having left its owner the stone may take luck from him.

Those engaged in scientific research including students are recommended to wear actinolite as a talisman. It helps its owner make the right decision and understand his aspirations. It can also endow one with the ability to understand the hidden meaning of the interlocutor’s words.




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